Jan Buskens

Jan Buskens

In addition to being a productivity expert, Jan is also a Certified Trainer Getting Things Done® since 2016. But he's a GTD practitioner for over 15 years.
Jan knows how to fascinate his trainees and always ensures that the content of the training is adapted to his audience.

I'm lazy. But that's a good thing because then I do my work more efficiently


Favorite things to do

In addition to watching series, Jan likes nothing more than to automate everything. If he can save a few minutes somewhere on his computer or smartphone, it makes him happy.
He can also enjoy a good restaurant, preferably somewhere on a cozy terrace in a beautiful warm country.
And of course Jan likes to stand in front of a group of people to teach them Getting Things Done®. One of the things that gives him the most satisfaction.

Favorite books

  • Getting Things Done®, The art of stress free productivity
  • Atomic Habbits
  • The 12 week year
  • The four hour workweek
  • Deep work
  • The Power of Habit

Favorite podcasts

  • Mac Power User
  • Automators
  • The Productivity Show
  • Focused
  • Welcome to the AA (Alex Agnew)
  • The Tim Ferris Show